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If you are investigating sales compensation management systems, there is a choice to make. Do you invest in a traditional commission software system that runs in-house or do you choose an on-demand, hosted solution.

True on-demand solutions like Centive Compel, built from the ground up as multi-tenant solutions – where a single instance of the software securely serves all customers – offer tremendous economies when compared to traditional "on-premise" systems.

With true, on-demand solutions, there is no hardware or software for the customer to purchase. Instead, the customer subscribes to a monthly service at a pre-defined subscription rate.

Traditional on-premise solutions require the upfront purchase of a perpetual license agreement and an ongoing maintenance and support agreement. In addition, on-premise systems require the customer to invest in hardware and supporting software (for example, licensing WebLogic or Oracle). In addition, these systems require a significant investment in time from IT resources.

Centive has a detailed ROI calculator you can use to compare the first year and on-going costs of on-demand vs. on-premise commission software solutions.

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sales performance management

Use an Online Solution to Simplify Management, Save Time and Ensure Accuracy

For many companies, managing sales incentives is a time-consuming and arduous task. If a company is managing sales incentives with spreadsheets or a home-grown system, generating reports, tracking trends, and calculating commissions may be difficult and riddled with inaccuracies.

Centive's Compel takes the stress out of managing sales incentives. With Compel, managers access their sales incentives and commission data through an online interface. All data is stored securely off-site so no costly IT investments are required for set up. Through one centralized system, managers, sales reps and finance executives can easily run reports, watch sales trends and calculate commissions. Simplify management, save time and ensure accuracy with Compel.

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sales performance management

Eighth Release of Leading On-Demand Sales Performance Management System

LOWELL, Mass., December 8, 2008 – Centive, the award-winning leader in on-demand solutions for sales compensation and sales performance management, today announced the Fall 2008 release of Centive's flagship solution, Compel. The Fall 2008 release marks the eighth major release of Compel and represents another significant step forward in Centive's leadership position in the sales performance management market.

"We work closely with customers, partners, prospects and industry analysts to ensure that as we continue to develop Compel, we meet requirements for today and anticipate those in the future," said Michael Torto, president and CEO, Centive. "With new features and enhancements in the Fall 2008 release, our customers will gain even more value from their subscription to Compel and their overall investments in sales compensation programs."

The Fall 2008 release of Compel adds powerful new enhancements to support the design, modeling, managing, reporting and analysis of effective, optimized sales compensation programs. Continued...

sales performance management

1. Sales Experts Realign 2009 Expectations

In his blog, Getting Better Sales, David Hamacher reviews expert commentary on what sales teams and businesses can do to minimize loss of revenues in 2009. Read more...

2. Centive Partners

The Centive partner programs are designed to enhance the value of our suite of sales compensation management solutions. Here are a few of our partners:Learn more about our partner programs at

3. Award Winning Sales Compensation Solution Chosen Again and Again as Business Users Move to New Companies

Compel Selected to Integrate with to Fuel Sales Growth Worldwide

LOWELL, Mass., October 9, 2008 - Centive, the leader in on-demand solutions for sales compensation and sales performance management, today announced their flagship solution, Centive Compel, has been selected by Crossbeam Systems and Black Duck Software. Executives at both companies were Compel users at prior companies, and selected Compel again as the best solution for automating sales compensation and integrating with to drive sales performance - From Prospect to PaycheckTM. Read more...

Sales Compensation News from Centive

sales performance management
Leading the industry in sales compensation and sales performance management.


Newsletter Articles:

  • Strategic Sales Compensation Management - Companies are striving to invest their incentive dollars
    Beta Carotene, Volume 1 Issue 9
  • Centive Sponsors the’s Dreamforce Conference - Centive will demonstrate the business benefits that result when their award-winning strategic on-demand sales incentive management solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.comTM
    Beta Carotene, Volume 1 Issue 9
  • Centive Receives High Marks from Advisory Firm Sirius Decisions - Vendor profile validates value and viability of Centive’s sales incentive management solution
    Beta Carotene, Volume 2 Issue 6
  • Customer Feedback Program - Centive seeks customer input to refine and improve their sales commission management products.
    Beta Carotene, Volume 2 Issue 7
  • Centive Wins 2008 CRM Market Leader Award from CRM Magazine - CRM Magazine, the industry's leading publication, has selected Centive as a 2008 Market Leader in the category "Incentive Management."
    Beta Carotene, Volume 3 Issue 8
  • Centive partners with OpenSymmetry, a rapidly growing firm specializing in sales compensation and sales performance management consulting and deployments.
    Beta Carotene, Volume 3 Issue 8
  • Prepare for the New Year - Best Practice Sales Compensation Design
    Beta Carotene, Volume 3 Issue 9

Centive News:


  • Web Directory - Supporting the Complexities of Variable Compensation Management Strategies: Centive has the first incentive compensation solution to fully support the complexities and scope of performance-based variable compensation strategies for any size organization.
sales performance management
LOWELL, Mass. & BERWYN, Penn. — August 19, 2008 — Boomi, the market and technology leader for on-demand integration, and Centive, the leader in on-demand solutions for sales compensation and sales performance management, today announced the companies have partnered to provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data transformation and integration for Centive’s Compel® solution. The Boomi On Demand® service is replacing a prior partnership with a legacy on-premise integration solution to provide Centive and their customers with affordable, enterprise-grade integration services without the need for conventional integration software, appliances or coding.
Centive Compel helps companies calculate sales commissions and bonuses for their sales force while also providing executives, sales managers and sales representatives with secure, real-time visibility into attainment, ranking and commission earnings data. Compel features integration with and other customer relationship management systems to enable sales representatives and their managers to forecast commission earnings based on opportunities in their pipeline. Continued...
sales performance management
LOWELL, Mass., Aug 25, 2008 — Centive, the leader in on-demand solutions for sales compensation and sales performance management, today announced that it has been recognized with a 2008 Market Leader Award in the category "Incentive Management" by CRM magazine.

Recipients for the CRM Market Leader Awards were determined through an extensive three-month process and proprietary rating formula that involves industry analysts, financial and corporate information, product and functionality assessments, and scores reflecting customer satisfaction.

Centive’s flagship solution, Compel®, was recognized by CRM magazine as an affordable, on-demand tool that enables companies to automate the entire incentive compensation management process in one secure, centralized system. Powerful features such as plan modeling, commission expense forecasting, custom reporting and performance analytics helped secure Centive’s inclusion as a 2008 CRM Market Leader.

Compel integrates with CRM systems to enable sales representatives and managers to forecast compensation based on opportunities within their pipeline. This integration provides Centive’s customers with full automation of the sales lifecycle — From Prospect to PaycheckTM; — to ensure that sales representatives stay focused, aligned and motivated to close the right business.

In addition, Compel was recognized for supporting Sarbanes Oxley corporate compliance initiatives by providing accuracy, security, process controls and a complete audit trail. To date, Centive is the only on-demand sales compensation management vendor to have successfully completed a SAS 70 Type II compliance audit. Continued...

Integrated Sales Commissions Management

sales performance management
Centive's sales commissions management solution Compel® provides finance executives with a powerful commission accounting tool for modeling, managing, reporting and calculating commissions. Compel streamlines the sales commissions process through an automated centralized system that provides a complete audit trail of all changes made to plans and data, and the security and process controls needed to support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance initiatives.

Learn more about Centive's approach to Sales Commissions Management.

sales performance management
Below you will find links to the latest product information and industry news from Centive:

Beta Carotene – July 2008

  • ZipRealty Automates Sales Compensation With Compel
    Compel to Help Motivate Nationwide Network of ZipAgents

  • Compel Supplants Competitive Sales Compensation Solutions at WageWorks and SkillSoft
    Prior Solutions Replaced by Industry Leading Sales Compensation Solution

  • Stayin' Aligned
    Sales Compensation Management Expert Greg Blysniuk Shares His Thoughts on When and How to Change Sales Compensation Plans

Media Coverage

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Incentive Compensation News - Beta Carotene

sales performance management
Beta Carotene is Centive's monthly incentive compensation newsletter. Follow the links below to read articles from the June 2008 issue:

~ Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Subtle Adjustments Can Help Save Your New Sales Compensation Plans

~ Compel Reviewed on Popular Sales Compensation Blog: Sales Compensation expert Julien Dionne takes an in-depth look at Centive's award winning on-demand sales compensation management solution

~ Centive Named to JMP Securities' Hot 100 Software Companies: The most recent of a string of awards bestowed upon Centive since the launch of Centive's on-demand sales performance management solution in May 2005